10 Steps to Get FREE Traffic from YouTube

Get Video Traffic with Tube Traffic Mayhem (get free traffic and to the top of Google…)

If you weren’t already aware Google
owns YouTube.

So if you can get a video ranked high
on YouTube, then your rankings on
Google will improve as well.

“That’s easier said that done right?”

Well ask yourself this: After you’ve
created your video, uploaded it and
done the proper keyword research, how
do you increased its rank against other
keyword phrases?

Fact is, you’re not the only one out
there who is trying to rank on a
specific keyword phrase your
competitors are too!

And that’s just the TIP of the

There are social signals to consider…
LSI keywords… backlinks…
description… tags… transcriptions
and more to consider!

With Tube Traffic Mayhem you’ll learn
all the do’s and don’ts of video
marketing so that Google gives you
special treatment over millions of
other videos!


Here’s a quick look at what’s inside
this course…

Video #1 – Introduction To Using
YouTube To Siphon Traffic

Get an overview of how this YouTube
video marketing system works. See how
everything it all works, what you will
need to get started and what’s needed
for the rest of this course.

Video #2 – YouTube Video Settings

Ever wonder why that when you upload a
video to YouTube, the quality is not as
good? Discover how to make your videos
comply with YouTube video standards for
high quality video and audio.

Video #3 – Keyword Market Research

How to pick profitable keywords or
keyword phrases are getting good
traffic. Worst-case scenario is you use
a keyword that you think is getting
traffic when in reality its not. Or
worse, the visitors that are typing
this keyword aren’t necessarily looking
to either take action or buy a product
in the end.

Video #4 – LSI Keyword Research

How to help the search engines know
what your video is all about with
deeper keyword research known as Latent
Semantic Indexing or LSI keywords.

Video #5 – Edit File and Upload Video

Discover how to edit and upload a video
file itself so that it is more Search
Engine Optimized and YouTube ready.

Video #6 – Editing Title, Description,

How to properly edit the title, the
description, and the tags using your
LSI keywords.

Video #7 – Transcribing Audio

How to improve your rankings by
transcribing your video and where to
find low-cost quality transcribers.

Video #8 – Add Transcript Captions

How to add your transcription to the
captions option and properly optimize
your video to make it more search
engine friendly.

Video #9 – Social Signals

How to utilize social signals or social
backlinking to boost the ranking of
your YouTube video.

Video #10 – Social YouTube likes and

How to increase your YouTube likes and
traffic in such a manner that it will
improve your search engine ranking.

When done right YouTube can bring you
high quality pre-sold traffic to your
sites on a daily basis.

Just think… that squeeze page you set
up a while back, that blog you keep
posting on, that affiliate review site
you spent so much time on, your
membership you put your heart and soul
into, that turn-key eBook store you
invested in, that niche product you
work so hard to create could all be
collecting sales for you right now if
only you could have a steady stream of
traffic coming it to!

Master YouTube and never have to work
hard for your traffic again!


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