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One of the easiest ways to learn
something is to watch how someone else
does it and then apply it yourself.

Yes you can find out things for
yourself through trial and error, but
if you want to save time and
frustration then this is for you…


Module 1 – WordPress Basics
* How To Disable WordPress Autosave
* How To Protect Your Download Pages
* How To Secure Your WordPress Site

Module 2 – Canva
* Creating Your Canva Account
* How To Use Canva
* How To Save An Image On Canva

Module 3 – OptimizePress 2.0
* How To Use Optimize Press 2.0
* Create A New Page
* Add New Rows
* How To Export Import Page Templates
* How To Add Custom HTML Code
* How To Use Launch Suite
* Enable And Disable Header And Footer
* How To Duplicate A Page
* Configure Your Layout Settings
* How To Add An Autoresponder Opt In
* How To Create Member Area Pages

Module 4 – LeadPages
* Add Content In Leadpages
* How To Use Lead Magnet Delivery
* How To Create A Page
* How To Edit The Template
* How To Install Leadpages WordPress Plugin
* How To Connect Your ESP To Your Leadpages
* How To Do A/B Split Testing
* How To Connect LeadPages To Facebook Page
* How To Add A Leadbox In Your Blog Post
* How Add Timed Popup Leadbox in Your Blog

Module 5 – MailChimp
* Automation Rules In MailChimp
* How To Create A Broadcast
* How To Create Lists
* How To Create A Signup Form
* How To Remove Unresponsive Leads
* How To Schedule Follow Up Emails

Module 6 – SendLane
* Automation Rules Buyers To Non Buyers
* How To Create A Broadcast
* How To Create A List
* How To Create A Sign Up Form
* How To Remove Unresponsive Leads
* How To Schedule Follow Up Emails

Module 7 – PowerPoint Videos
* Creating Your PowerPoint Sales Video
* Recording Your Voice Using Camtasia Studio
* Using Sony Vegas Pro To Compile And Render Video

Module 8 – VideoMakerFX
* How To Add Slides
* How To Edit Animation
* How To Edit Audio
* How To Render

Module 9 – Explaindio 3.0
* Add Slide
* Edit Slide Animation
* Render to Video
* How to Add Audio

Module 10 – File Storage
* How To Use MediaFire
* How To Use Dropbox
* How To Use Amazon S3

Module 11 – GoToWebinar
* How To Add Panelist
* Creating Your Webinar Event
* How To Save Your Recording to MP4

Module 12 – Zaxaa
* How To Add A New Product
* How To Add A Buy Button
* How To Set Up Your Sales Funnel
* How To Add Affiliate Details

Module 13 – ClickFunnels
* How To Setup Your ClickFunnels Account
* Understanding ClickFunnels
* The Different Types Of Funnels On ClickFunnels
* How To Add A New Funnel
* Understanding The Funnel Dashboard
* How To Select And Add Page Templates
* How To Add Digital Assets
* How To Add Digital Assets To Your Download Page
* Understanding The Editor
* How To Build A Page And Add Elements

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