How To Generate More Traffic For Free

Are you looking for free traffic to drive to a website? Are you looking for an easy way to build your own opt-in list? To promote any business online, you need at least traffic and preferably your own list of targeted, opt-in subscribers. I can show you how to do both with less effort and zero cost! The technique I use is based on Traffic Exchanges combined with a unique DOWNLINE BUILDER. A downline builder is a system that effortlessly cross-promotes traffic exchanges so that people who join you in one will join you in some or all of those you’re a member of! What’s the benefit of that? I can’t tell you how important this is. In fact even if you don’t join me today, you should NEVER use a traffic exchange again without doing so through a downline builder. To not use a downline builder is a real waste of your valuable time and your hard work.There are various downline builders on the net but I’m going to show you how ours can blow the others away! You see most of these are designed to promote a specific business.That’s great if that happens to be the same business you want to promote. If it isn’t, you can’t use that downline builder or all your prospects are effectively being pitched another business! Now for what makes our downline builder top the rest by far…
Our downline builder is generic! It doesn’t promote any particular business! This has two BIG, no MASSIVE advantages… One, you can use it without fearing your prospects will get drawn into something else and Two, and this is the real biggie; you can promote it to ANYONE doing ANY BUSINESS (because it’s generic) and if they join, they help you whether or not they join your main business !!!What a concept – even people who don’t join your main business still end up helping you generate traffic and build your main business !! If that isn’t the cleverest trick out there, I really don’t know what is !!!!So, all that remains is for me to mention that it’s totally free, has masses of help available (including a members forum) and will be the smartest move you make for totally free traffic! Here’s the link: Remember my advice: whether you use ours or not, NEVER EVER use traffic exchanges again without leveraging your efforts through a downline builder! has so many features you’ll be amazed it’s free!

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