Newbie Sales Machine

So far your own product has allowed you to earn more initially, simply because of the flexibility you have to do pretty much what you want with it. It’s also built your brand and introduced you to new contacts you wouldn’t have been able to make with affiliate programs and it’s built the trust that others have in you. All of this that wouldn’t have been possible if you had decided to go down that affiliate program route before establishing yourself as a somebody.

Something else is going on in the background here. Something that on the surface seems like old news, but it’s not. It’s far from it, and what most people don’t even realize is the humongous effect this can have on their business. It’s that whole quality over quantity thing. In this case it really applies. What am I talking about?

Ah you guessed it. It’s building your own client list for you, but in a very special way. Forget going out and buying leads and stuff like that. This is different. The deals you’ve been able to make, the ad swaps, joint ventures, product giveaways and special sites you’ve set up have all lead to something very important, not just a bigger list.

In this case, we’re talking the quality factor. Quality over quantity. All these people that have already heard about you, and know how good your product is are going right onto your list when they visit any of your sites, subscribe to your list, or the follow-up series. This is what I’m talking about. Gathering really meaty ammunition to use for future products.

What you’re getting here isn’t just a normal run of the mill addition in size to your list. What you’re gaining is pure gold, and that is solid, targeted, pre-qualified future customers that already know to trust you, because they’ve been told by their list owners and very respectable marketers to trust you.

This is massively important. I’ve had ads that I’ve paid to go out to e-zines with seventy or eighty thousand subscribers and upwards that have brought far less of a response than an ad that goes out to five thousand people on a respected list owners list.

Now this is where it gets interesting. Do you see how already, even though we’ve just briefly looked at what you can do with your own product that you’ve already gained a huge ability here to promote affiliate programs and future products? This isn’t about the numbers at all; we’re talking a select list that’s going to be highly effective for you simply because of their previous experiences with your business.

It’s when you get to this stage you can decide whether or not you want to go ahead and just promote affiliate programs, just create and sell your own products, or both at the same time.

The most important things here are your resources, and what I’m showing you with all these examples is just how wide your scope can be with your own product. There are all sorts of opportunities to be had, and deals to be made that are to your advantage, both short and long term.

See how your situation is a lot more fluid now? Things are getting good, and it gets better too. There’s a whole host of things you can do to further your business with your own product. I like to look at promoting your own products as dynamic, simply because of the many choices and opportunities you have to promote, gather resources, make contacts, increase list size and quality, build brand, and a whole host of other profitable gains that come from this. Affiliate promotion is far more linear. Promote, get profit.

If you’re serious starting your online business and want to build your list, sell your own product, become a super affiliate and make your first $19.95 sale, then take the time now to check out Newbie Sales Machine.

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